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Hello and Happy Holidays to you all! I hope you get to spend some time with family over this season, I sure am. I’m in Park City with my family this week skiing and boarding (trying to avoid catastrophic injuries) and enjoying being together. When family gets together and you have the inevitable mornings and snuggly evenings together, many times people overlook their feet. Yeah yeah you’ve got the top half covered, whether it be a cozy sweater or long t-shirt, and the bottom half adorned with sweatpants or something like it… BUT DON’T FORGET YOUR FEET PEOPLE! Your toes will thank you, plus who wants the grime from their house all up on the bottom of their feet? Uhhh not me.




Four Christmases ago I got my dad a pair of slippers that he wears ALL THE TIME. I’m talking ALL THE TIME. He legitimately told me yesterday, if I could wear these out and about… I would. Hah! And yes I know what you’re thinking, I’m a terrible son, 4 CHRISTMASES?!? Get him an upgrade! And yes maybe that’s in the cards for next year. But the point I’m getting at is once you get house slippers, you will never go away from them. They are the best. Will all that being said, I had the opportunity to work with Trask!


Talk about one of the coolest brands I’ve worked with. I’ve been on countless jobs where I wear there footwear, as early as three weeks ago at Stanley Korshak. Their stuff is super well made and I really can’t get over the fact that it’s a lot of it is made in America. Their stuff is selling in Nordstrom, places like Stanley Korshak (if you live in Dallas) and others. I got to test drive their Polson Slipper and holy moly, it is life changing. I’m unsure if I’ve taken them off since I wore them. Lined with shearling, I don’t even need to wear socks with them! I think I may have to buy my brother a pair since he’s been asking on this trip where I got them… Jealousy is setting in. Anyways, pop over and check them out, I think you’ll be sure to like em’!

Sweater    Robe    Lounge Pants    Trask Polson Slipper

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