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Elevating your style for your partner

I think one aspect that saddens me most about our society and our respect for dressing is our failure to have respect for the event or worse—the person you’re with (thanks mom for the article idea). I am saying this with the typical couple in mind, as I feel a lot of times (almost exclusively nowadays) the woman is out-dressing the man at functions. This is so depressing to me. As the leader of the relationship and family, it is the man’s responsibility to set the tone for your significant other. Gone are the days where we dress up to go to functions, or parties. Men… We’re slacking here.

I was at a dressy-ish party in the industry last week where I noticed a couple across the room from me. The woman looked blisteringly fantastic, whilst the man looked as if he was lounging at home. She was in a cool romper and heels (guys, a romper is a one piece shirt/shorts jumpsuit combo if you’re unfamiliar) and he was wearing a t-shirt…. Yes a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops. Now, picture that this event was in the evening and inside where sandals feel all too inappropriate. Now also picture men around him wearing blazers, because that was the scene. We’re not at the beach, we’re at a function where your significant other wants to go, spend time with you, and maybe even show you off a bit. But who wants to show off a man who just stepped off the pier?

And what do we as men like to always do? We like to boast, we love to show off the person that we’re with because they’re special to us. And of COURSE we want to show them off because they look fantastic. Women typically have going out and dressing mastered. And you don’t think they’d like to show you off? Well of course, and they’ll do so, even if begrudgingly and in spite of what you’re wearing. But what I’m saying is don’t just make it something they do by showing you off, make them EXCITED to do so. What woman wants to show off her man dressed as the man I described earlier? She doesn’t. If she’s dressing up, then by golly you need to be as well.

I’ve found that people will judge you instantaneously based on appearance, what you’re wearing, and how you conduct yourself… As right or wrong as it may be. You can control 2 of the 3. What you’re wearing will also give you confidence, thus resulting in a positive feeling that will be apparent to outsiders. Dress casually and people will treat you casually. Take care of yourself and appearance and people will respect you, and know that the little things matter to you. Trust me on this guys.
My message to men of the world is to dress up and elevate your style to meet what your partner is wearing. Ask her advice. Okay now ask her for her honest advice because those are two different things sometimes (most times). Don’t do the bare minimum, don’t just show up. Dress like your grandfather did, trust me he probably had dressing down to a science (men of that era did). Going out and going to functions is a part of life and how much more enjoyable you’ll make it for them to be with you and show you off. Have respect for the event and your surroundings and I promise they will thank you dearly for it. And you may just get a few compliments in the process.

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