Peak Lapels and the 9-5 Suit

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The Navy suit. Quite possibly the most essential piece of menswear in my opinion. Every man NEEDS to have a navy suit, plain and simple. It Is leaps and bounds better than the basic charcoal grey (and more youthful too) while also being a bit more sartorial. The hue and color of the navy make the colors that you pair it with pop a bit more as opposed to the dullness of the grey.

Tom Ford has recently been gaining traction in the menswear world (as if he wasn’t already when he was the designer at Gucci) and a lot of that can be attributed to his use of what has become his signature on suits—peak lapels.
Now there are 3 main different styles of lapels, notch, peak, and shawl (more for evening wear). Notch and Peak are the two styles you will predominantly see on suits, and peak lapels are a nice way to differentiate yourself from the basic notch lapel favored by most men. They work well especially for me of bigger frames or taller men, as it draws the eye outward, or proportionally fits the person wearing it better. I love peak lapels and see them quite often nowadays while I’m working. Tom Ford can be credited with some of the renaissance of the style, but it’s one of two (notch being the other) that will truly never go out of style.

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