New Salvatore Ferragamo’s for…. $80??

I must admit, I have a problem. The problem is eBay. Many of you might seem hesitant to delve into the wide world of thrifting and buying preowned items, but I’m here to tell you that you should avoid it no more! Some of my greatest menswear pieces have come off of eBay. Whether it be J. Crew Ludlow suits, Armani bags, or a pair of $40 (WHAT?!) Salvatore Ferragamo’s. the possibilities are endless.

A couple of months ago I was perusing through my saved eBay searches (which you totally should do by the way) and I saw these fantastic, burnished, almost vintage looking Ferragamo oxfords. They had a starting bid of $.99 like many items do to attract bidders. I immediately bid and the next few days saw me end up winning them for a mere $42!

(excuse the tie-dye)

ferra ferraga ferragamo

Now, these originally are upwards of $500 $600 to even $800 shoes! But by carefully watching eBay and using saved searches, you too can get a bargain. Now how do we use saved searches? For starters, enter what you’re looking for. Salvatore Ferragamo’s? Fine. Enter that into the search term and then select men’s shoes and keep pairing down your results by shoe size, color, anything you’re looking for. Say a pair of Allen Edmonds pops up in your search or some other brand you don’t want? Easy fix, just enter the subtraction sign in front of any word you don’t want to show up in your search.

So let’s say that 2 pairs of Cole Haan’s showed up and a pair of Allen Edmonds in your search. Just keep your original search in the bar, but add this to the end…. -Allen Edmonds -Cole Haan. It will take any listings that contain those words out of your search! So rad. So your search would look like this:

Salvatore Ferragamo shoes -Allen Edmonds -Cole Haan

Then, all you need to do is hit save search and you’ll be notified when new items pop up under this search and you can look through quickly and not have to do this each and every time.

Now, back to the shoes. So I got these for pennies on the dollars and knew that if the upper’s (leather part of shoe) is in good shape, they can be saved. So I took them to my local cobbler (worth the investment) and they fixed em’ up BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW FOR $50!! They refinished the uppers with cream and completely resoled the bottoms. They look UNREAL.

IMG_7897 IMG_7893

I wear these bad boys all the time now, and for a mere $80 or $90 pshhh an absolute steal. Anyways, I hope you’ll pick it up and realize that style doesn’t always have to cost a MILLION dollars like a lot of people think.

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