Color Matching for the Modern Man

Hello and a happy Wednesday to you all! Thanks for popping over to read all about what most men don’t know how to do…. MATCH COLORS.  Ask a man to put together his own outfit these days and it’s as if you asked him to solve world hunger. When I’m working in the studio shooting for e-commerce clients, outfits are presented to me artfully, in a way that blends together the colors of each garment. I’ve been able to craft quite a good vision of what colors I believe go together (and others that just withstand the test of time, such as a white shirt and navy pants). Now I touched on this in a previous post HERE, but I cannot understate the importance of the color wheel when putting together your look for the day. I know it’s quite elementary—even a child could do it. And sometimes I think the 5 year old version of most men could throw something better together than the neon blue and highlighter green tie I’ve seen out recently…..

It seems that the wives, girlfriends or significant others seem to always be the ones throwing together outfits for the man in their life. Gentlemen, today that ends. We start fighting the good fight without the help of others. We’re not 6 anymore, we don’t need our mothers (as wonderful as they may be) dressing us. As you can see in the ever so detailed graphic I’ve put together for you, the combination are endless just with basic colors and items. You just have to be a bit imaginative on some, but for the majority it’s rather straightforward.

Now, on to the use of the color wheel. And do keep in mind that within each of the parent colors listed below, there are different hues and shades of red, green, blue, etc. Within red for example, there could be a magenta, wine colored hue, or a dustier red. All are within the parent color, red.

Here are some fantastic color combination examples before we dive in.



Complementary Colors

Complementary colors

Ahh complementary colors. The exact opposite of each other on the color wheel is where you’ll find them. These are nice because of the high contrast they provide. These will be the bolder looks, and if used in a toned down version of the crayola color, they’ll blend together sublimely. Some examples below.

Analog Colors

The analog color scheme

This is the analog color scheme. Simple in nature, it’s 2/3rds of a Monochromatic look (which I tend to favor, more on that below). Below are some looks that are analogous in nature.

Triad ColorsTriad colors

The triad colors make quite the statement. Found equidistant from each other, they compliment each other quite favorably. I’m not a huge fan of these here, but would potentially give this a nod for party-wear. But as the picture details below…. anyone can pull it off.

 burgundy pants with a brown shirt, denim jacket, a vest jacket and boots           








Monotone chromatic and achromatic

These looks are my absolute favorite. The main difference between the two is that a chromatic color scheme deals with bright colors, while achromatic has a base of a neutral color such as a brown, grey or black. These colors all fall within the same color, but each is a slightly different hue than the other. THIS IS MY GO TO. It’s the easiest to pull off and a fail-safe way of dressing. The chromatic (brighter color base) looks are in the first picture below, with the achromatic (neutral color base) looks in the second batch.
But men I cannot stress this enough (I’ll detail this later) that subtlety in colors is the way to go. Try choosing a dusty version of the color on the color wheel, or a nice soft-faded version of the colors in the color wheel so you don’t look as if you went to Express and asked for the neon collection. I hope that today you’ve learned a bit about putting together your wardrobe and will find a style and color pattern that suits you. Also quick side note and you’ll hear me rant about this later, NO MORE DAD SHIRTS (a post on this later). For shirts think solids, small checks, or hell you can go for a pattern but if so keep it relatively simple. Think JFK, Cary Grant, James Dean. Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!

Until next time.




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