Summer Linen (Livin’)

Hey guys!

Mondaze. Why not wear your best (or most colorful) suit on Monday to bring you out of the weekend rut? Also quick side note, big thanks to Stanley Korshak (The Shak Man) for hooking me up with these threads. In Texas let’s be honest, it’s hot. You can’t wear wool and it’s even tough to wear that light, year-round wool that most suits favor. So why not linen as an alternative? Breathable, lightweight, and as soft as Charmin, you won’t even notice when you put it on. And there’s endless ways to style it, I just decided it was a business week and show you how I’d style it. Mondays. Wear some color, mix it up like this with the Blue Check Suit. $499? Consider it bought. The shirt and tie are also from them (Blue Striped Shirt Navy Tie) with the club collar (it’s making a comeback people! I’ll post on this later) I really cannot brag enough about Suitsupply, one would swear I work there. Also, I’m really digging the sleek style of Chelsea boots lately. These are the To Boot New York Hawthorne Chelsea Boot. I bought these a couple of months back and haven’t taken them off since. (no seriously, I sleep with them on) Wear em’ with jeans or a suit, they’re a staple in my wardrobe. Hope you guys have a great week, sending you my love!



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Wearing: Suitsupply Blue Check Suit & Blue Striped Shirt & Navy Tie To Boot New York Chelsea Boot Ray Ban Clubmaster


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