The Perfect T-shirt (really!)

I find myself, it seems on a never-ending quest for the perfect solid colored t-shirt. And this past weekend I think I may have found just the one.

I love solid colors. I think it’s the easiest way to put together an outfit because you can start with the simplest color and then add something to it. Take the white t-shirt for example. James Dean. Paul Newman. Marlon Brando. They all wear it (and well.) It has been around for years. The t-shirt is quite possibly everyone’s favorite article of clothing (sans a loose fitting tank top) in the world. I find myself reaching for a black or white t-shirt almost every other day. Whether it’s used as a layer or by itself, I love it.

In fact recently I went to Nordstrom Rack and found what I thought to be the holy grail of t-shirts, the Calvin Klein 3-pack of crew or v-necks. AHHHHH! Success! Seventeen dollars. Are you serious? They were long enough (which seems to always be the problem for me.) How do I find that perfect balance of tightness, yet have it also be long enough? It’s a daily struggle.  Get a Medium? Too short. Go for the large? I’m swimming in it.

Now, I will applaud the recent adaptation of the mainstream “slim fit”. How nice has that been? No longer do we have the spare tire around us (this is especially apparent in dress shirts.)

But alas I made the cardinal sin when you find a perfect fitting shirt. I put it in the drier after washing. What a waste. It shriveled up like a prune.  I cannot tell you how many shirts I have lost by being foolish and not hang-drying them. Anyways, moral of the story is to not throw that impeccable fitting shirt in the dryer.. ever.


So on to the next. I was at Zara this weekend and they always have trendy shirts, sometimes a bit too trendy but they have solid basics. I have some of their t-shirts already but these two were different. You see I sometimes cut the neck of my crew neck t-shirts because they’re a bit too restrictive around my neck but these ones from Zara were already pre-cut and then rolled. It has the perfect amount of stretch to it, and it’s a bit of a flow-y shirt in the body, which I find myself becoming more and more fond of. I’m sort of over the spandex t-shirt as a wearable piece because if you’re already wearing slender or tight pants, it looks like you just walked out of Baby Gap. TOO MUCH TIGHTNESS.

The solution to the issue?  When wearing casual wear, pick one loose fitting item and one tight. Gives your outfit terrific balance and people will be impressed when you pull it off.

Anyways back to the t-shirt, it’s perfect. I bought it in every color imaginable but my message to you is simple. Find a t-shirt that fits your body type and go get every single color. It is the base of every outfit you wear (even under dress shirts if that’s something you still do…….) and can stand alone when it fits you like it’s bespoke. (Side note, is that a thing? Bespoke t-shirts? Food for thought.)

Anyways, hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.





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