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I could not be more excited to bring you my first post on my personal style and my take on menswear.

I am 24 years old. That’s weird to say. But as I progress through my life, my style is ever evolving and changing. I think that’s the natural process of anyone in their life, much like their personalities and hobbies change. Style itself is always changing as well but what I am always drawn to seems to be classic men’s tailoring and old-world class. To me, there is nothing better than a perfect fitting suit and the way it makes you feel. You snap to attention upon draping the fabric over your shoulders.


By the way, a little about me… I work as a model in multiple markets and have just begun this path and am enjoying it quite a bit. I work so much in the fashion industry and often am being put in a million different designers clothes. Because of this, I decided to have a place where I could showcase my own clothing as well as personal style. But enough about me.

You see to me there is an epidemic in America. One that is on its way to a cure however, thanks to the growing knowledge and care about the way we dress and carry ourselves. The folks at GQ, Esquire, among many others do a terrific job of getting more and more knowledge to men about how a man should dress.

The problem to me lately has been that men think dressing well equates to people thinking they are gay, or feminine. And the same goes for taking care of your skin or your body in general. That could not be further from the truth. Guys, it means you give a damn and I promise you a woman or man likes nothing better than a man who has personal style and takes care of themselves… and own it. Why does the general population think it’s not manly to have clothes that (actually) fit and make them feel like a million bucks? (I will admit however the pants have gotten a bit tight especially for my athletic football legs). But that’s the overarching problem. We need to solve it.

Through this blog I will show you some of my clothes, some others that I love and some that I just want (or impulse bought). I am 24 which is nice so I can still get away with leather, street style and fashion-forward, ecclectic stuff. I want to appeal to a wide audience and hopefully I can do just that. But in whatever you buy or wear… please just keep one thing in mind. Make. sure. it. fits.

Menswear is a great thing. It’s always the subtle things that make the clothing and industry what it is. Cheers and I hope you’ll follow me on this journey. Until next time.





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